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Fantasy Setting Searchангл. Поиск фэнтезийного сеттинга») — один из самых масштабных конкурсов сеттингов для настольных игр в истории ролевых игр. Был проведён компанией Wizards of the Coast в 2003 году в ступенчатом формате, причём на каждом этапе прошедшие отбор участники должны были присылать всё более и более проработанные документы (на последних этапах — платно[1]). В полуфинал вышло 11 работ, в финал — 3. Автор «золотого» сеттинга получил денежный приз[2] и право участвовать в его внедрении как нового базового сеттинга для D&D 3.5. «Серебро» и «бронза» также получили денежную компенсацию, но подписали соглашение о неразглашении[3], остальные полуфиналисты имеют право публиковать книги на основе своих работ.

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  3. Giant in the Playground FAQ
    • Q: What was your setting like? Will it ever be published?
    • A: Sorry, Wizards owns the rights to that setting now, and it is up to them whether they ever wish to discuss it, much less publish it. I am under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement not to discuss it.
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  8. Morningstar
  9. Dawnforge: Crucible of Legend на Goodreads
  10. Dawnforge
  11. wizardoftheplains (aka Gary Pratt)
  12. Code of Unaris, рецензия Джона Кима
  13. Code of Unaris на RPG Geek
  14. My semi-final setting was the 'Sunset Kingdoms', with the 'Alfar Tower' being the future version of the same setting. Both have continued to evolve and are now in one book and I’m planning on having it available in April 04. It won’t be d20. It will include the system within it so you’ll only need the single book.
  15. Me and 2 other, French speaking Canadians won our place in the semi-finals (We often joke we where the 11th entry…) The name of our setting was Cappedocio. Here is our First Page Primer that saw us trough
  16. 16,0 16,1 A bit more info on the semi-finalists
  17. Urbis was created with the Setting Search in mind, but I didn’t make it past the first round. In retrospect, I know why — the one-page proposal could have been written much better…
  18. The Chronicle of Burne, and Some Others of Lesser Importance
  19. The CITY setting so gloriously represented in The Chronicle of Burne, and Some Others of Lesser Importance was a submission. Not sure how far it got.
  20. Sundered Skies was submitted :)
  21. FWIW, one of the 3 settings I submitted to the search ended up as one of my Campaign in a Box columns in Pyramid: «Immaculata Colony.»
  22. I submitted one called the City of Dvolkh, which was basically about the last city of the living in an undead apocalypse brought about by essentially a demi lich dropping a moon (I believe that the idea was the moon was a physical incarnation of the underworld and that the other moons would basically stand in for various upper and lower planes) into a standard fantasy world. The main differences were that there was essentially a magical/nuclear winter (and the radiation was essentially a magic effect that interfered with the Divine order of the world) and people who died in the «snow» would reanimate as ghouls, but if they didn’t have a steady supply of raw meat would degenerate first into zombies, then skeletons, losing most of their Intelligence in the process but not their hit dice, and that clerics could only replenish their spells if they were at a temple or above the cloud layer. It was very bleak as I recall, with the idea that most of the ecosystem was either dying or had died and reanimated so you had to worry about skeletal or zombified birds, cats, and cows.
  23. I still have the Shadowlance proposal on my PC, actually.
  24. Aurichale Empire
  25. Managed to dig mine up (or some revision thereof). It doesn’t sound nearly as interesting now as it did when a friend and I were putting it together.
  26. And since we obviously did not make it to the second stage, I feel it is resonable to share our One page summary… Since we have decided to work on this ourselves anyway, might as well share…
  27. MrLizard
  28. Let’s roll out the non-winners! I’ll go first.
  29. Good idea. I’ll post mine, too. It wasn’t exactly great, but maybe someone here can get some use out of it.
  30. Thaos: The New World (два форумных поста подряд)
  31. I didn’t win. Not that I thought I would — my world is horribly derivative, I now realize.
  32. I tried a different spin with my proposal, guess it didn’t work. *laugh*
  33. Drat, I didn’t make it! Oh well, back to the drawing board…
  34. Cabera, Lands of Law and Chaos
  35. «…for in the Outer Dark lurk things more terrible than any God.»
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